Tuesday, February 26, 2008

creepy crawlers

I hope i could make a nice LO for these pics. I love their colors.
We used to have these beautiful lizards and frog. For some reasons we sold the frog and swapped the lizards for something else. My daughter wanted to have these pets back.
CHEESE - white lipped green tree frog (always smiling that's why we named it cheese) , DIDI - albino leopard gecko and DADA - tangerine carrot tail leopard gecko...
Geckos are quite expensive, depending on the breed..."kaya sabi ko frog na lang, para may pang bili pako ng pang scrapbook."

Monday, February 25, 2008


It was not our lucky day...the sun was up..waters were calm..lines were tight..still no bites..better luck next time my fishing buddies.


One of the things my hubby does is shooting...I have been longing to try this hobby since last year, but i got pregnant. i just gave birth last january and finally, i had my first crack at the firing range using my hubby's norinco 1911 .45 cal. I was so nervous with my first shot. "Takot pa naman talaga ako sa mga putok."After 50 rounds, i got used to the noise. I'm pretty sure im going to love this new hobby. "Syempre i still have my first love... SCRAPBOOKING."


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