Friday, July 16, 2010

TCR #14

The felt of the felt! Stamped brickwall...cropped pics...misting...i really enjoyed doing this layout!

What is summer without an outing, picnic or swimming? These little cuties never got the chance to head out and enjoy the water. Instead, they came up with an idea...backyard + 2 big basins + water = Summer 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

TCR palette #13

pretty as a flower...pretty in pink...just had to use this pic one more time. This is my favorite picture of my daughter.

TCR palette#12

Who needs an airport background???? Six hour flight delay was really a nightmare...

journaling ;

You had your biggest playground at the airport. You had the longest playtime ever. you did everything to stay away from boredom because of six hour flight delay. When we were about to board, you were sitting...looking very tired and cannot even walk. A perfect picture of a very exhausted little boy....please give way to our wheelchair passenger.

Centennial Airport
Philippine Airlines Flight PR101
Bound to Caticlan
June2, 2009


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