Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scrappinmoms Idol2 Entries

These were my entries for scrappinmoms idol2...
Week 6 LUCKY ME - unfortunately, i sent this entry to a wrong email add. Didn't able to make it to the top 10 judging.

Week 5 When I See You Smile - Asymmetrical LO. A pick of the week entry (Thanks to Jennifer Maguire)

week 4 Simply ME - Layers and Dimension LO. All about Me...

Week 3 My DAILY DOSE - Direction and movement. A day in the Life...

week 2 Exotic Love - LO using 4 colors...(red, orange,green, purple)

Elimination entry - In The Mood for Adventure

Week 1 Party Set - pop-up invites, placemat, lootbag and towel animal table centerpiece

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have a hard time using 2 to 3 patterned papers in one layout. I tried playing with pps last night and made an all paper LO. Got the idea of an all paper LO from dinah's bloggie.

Friday, July 18, 2008

LOs of my DH &SIL

I made these LOs right after i put the kids to bed. Yahoo! They slept early last night.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Give Acrylic a Chance

My mom's arowana died last april 2008. Hubby decided to bring it to a taxidermist for preservation and give it as a gift for his dear MIL.He used acrylic enclosure for the housing.

I was so happy because i got the scrap acrylic sheets. Out of the excess sheets, i made my first 6x6 acrylic album...first time with acrylics...with the limited materials i have, "anything goes, basta makabuo ako ng album."

Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


One of the things my 4.5 year old daughter Anika and my husband like to do for bonding is wrestling/karate...When McDonalds had the Kung Fu Panda Happy Meal toys, my husband bought one for Anika. Now, she has 6 toys already...I told my husband not to get her another kung fu character. "Ang mahal na ng inabot nung toy, kung binili ko na lang siya ng nuggets sa grocery, eh di ang dami pa nun." But when i saw her drawing last week, i said to myself, "nako, she found inspiration from the toys." My husband and i were surprised with the finished art she made.

Friday, July 4, 2008


This is how supportive my hubby when it comes to my hobby...He altered my scrapbook trolley. This is a stanley gray toolbox given by my husband last year.Sayang, i didn't take a picture of it before he painted it with pink. Aside from the hair dryer i got from him as a bday gift last May, he surprised me with this altered toolbox...pati mga stickers siya ang nagpagawa...I'm so happy...sabi niya gamitin ko daw sa scrapjam...kahit konti lang dala ko, i'm going to use it, baka magtampo pag hindi ko ginamit.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sketch from Mystical scrapbook

Gaya-gaya lang po ako ng sketch and color combinations...i was also inspired by cookie...ganda ng mga lo's niya...i always visit her blog, wow! laging may bago siyang creation.

Photo taken by AU..scrapfest 5. May 2008.

Photos taken by my hubby.Bahamas.December 2006.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Super quickie LO

cruisin' LAKE TAHOE
Materials used: DCWV cardstocks, Diamond glaze, cricut:George font, metal embellishment,

I like plain and simple LO. I had fun with the tearing technique. I made a snow mountain background out of DCWV cardstock with white core. I used diamond glaze for added dimension.

There's a hidden note at the back of the snow mountain. I can't think of anything to write so i decided to put details of the lake, like the location, coordinates and surface elevation.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This is my entry for Buzybee's 1st Challenge.
the first picture is the front page, you have to flip it over to see the full page of the layout, thats the second picture.

This is the actual target board i shot from the firing range, i took it home as a souvenir,,cut the portion and made into a miniature one then used it to write on my journal,, the holes were actual bullet holes from my gun shots.

Materials used: Fancy Pants all abt boy pps, FP rub ons, DCWV cardstck,makaing memories notecard,chipboard letter,distress crackle paint,crystal stickers

Journaling: It was a day of emotions, both fear and excitement. I've been longing to try this hobby for so long but i was they always say - GUNS AND GIRLS DON"T MATCH. But there's no turning back. Time finally came as i held the gun, pointed it towards my target, released the safety, squeezed the trigger slowly...KABOOOM! and more KABOOOM!Bullets flying all over as it pierced my target board. I finally conquered my fear of guns. I think this TOY is for BIG GIRLS too!- My First Crack At The Firing Range

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Seven ladies vying for the raffle prize....

Jeannie D.
Jeannie N.

And the winner is.....

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I've been tagged by Florence
1.) Link back to the person who tagged you.
2.) Post these rules on your blog.
3.) Share six unimportant things about yourself.
a. I play badminton
b. I love japanese food
c. I got married at the age of 27
d. I can drive fr Manila to Baguio w/out music
e. I love Hongkong street food
f. I used to eat 3-4 cups of rice
4.) Tag Zabeth, Lil, candy, mitch,nita,Tin

Saturday, May 24, 2008


My birthday is coming soon.
Im giving away a brand new troley . I guess some of you still remember this bag. Here are the details on how to join the raffle...

* Purchase at least P200 worth of items from LINDY's scrapbooking stuffs fr0m May 25-June 6. Go to
I want to help her dispose her remaining goodies.

* A birthday card must be submitted as a raffle entry. Any kind,no requirement,no need to use the item bought from Lindy...a simple card can do...

*Submit your entry as an attachment to my email.

*To place your order,please text 09208131697 or 09228242731.

I will post all entries in my blog so everyone can view it.

*Submission of entry is on or before June 6, 12MN.

*Still thinking of the draw procedure and who will oversee it. I'll just keep you posted.


Finally, I have a new cabinet for my imitation of Keeps Sake Creation Station. When i saw the picture of For Keeps Sake, I told myself ,this is the one for me. We lived in a very small unit. I need to have a compact storage. This station is really an entire scrapbook room behind four doors. Paper storage was added on the right side.


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